- Set the perfect outdoor atmosphere with overhead string lights in assorted colors and shapes.
- Deck lights, path lights, and accent lights are all important to lighting up the outside of a house. We provide and install motion censored and time activated lights to help keep your home safe.
- Childproof your outlets, cords, and cables to keep your children safe from any electrical dangers.
- We install three speed ceiling fans to keep your air circulating and room cooler.
- Save yourself the hassle and let us connect and install your lighting fixtures.
- Let us install key pad or touch screen locks so you won't ever have to worry about a forgotten or lost key.
​​- Retail stores, offices, industrial buildings, multi-family units, and healthcare offices are all types of properties we can provide electrical service for.
- We can install, upgrade, and repair all wires that   control your heating and cooling units, lighting, and  power.
- With LED lighting upgrades we can make sure your hallways and offices are properly lit.
​- Panel upgrades and installations are important when operating a business, let us help keep your power running smoothly.
​- Let us help keep your parking lot safe with high quality LED pole and wall lights.
​​ ​- Whether your current dock needs repair, or you would like a complete electrical renovation we can do it all.
- We can help create a unique dock that meets all your electrical needs. 
- We install and repair shore power to boats of any size.
- Let us wire and install a variety of lights for both your dock and boat lift.
- We provide electrical and mechanical maintenance to docks of any size.
- Whether you have a concrete, wooden, or floating dock, we can provide top quality lighting for all.